Home Energy Counseling and Checkup Program (HEC²)

Home energy bills eat up a disproportionate amount of monthly income among low-income households. This is often because the dwelling has poor or insufficient insulation, an inefficient water heater or HVAC system, drafty windows and doors that leak energy, or inefficient lighting and appliances.

An in-home energy checkup can improve things quickly and reduce your monthly utility bills. Depending on your household income or social services you may be receiving, you could qualify for a free or reduced-cost home inspection from a certified home energy advisor. They will walk through and evaluate your home to identify where energy is being lost, personally counsel you on ways to save energy, install up to $100 of free energy-saving products and send you a written report of everything the energy audit uncovers.

Our Program Partners

To bring all these energy savings and advice to you, the HELP Initiative has partnered with Energize Delaware from the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU)—a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created by the state of Delaware—and residential energy-efficiency program pioneer Franklin Energy to implement our HEC2 program and its many benefits. To learn more about these very helpful organizations, visit:


Qualify and Sign Up Here

It’s easy to learn about the HEC2 program’s eligibility requirements, review income qualifications and schedule a convenient appointment for a home energy advisor to visit.

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Interested in a Home Energy Workshop?

The HELP Initiative sponsors do-it-yourself energy conservation workshops. The workshops last about one hour and are part of our community outreach training and educational programs for reducing home energy consumption, mitigating risk with energy systems, maximizing system efficiency and making energy-efficient system choices.

Our workshops are temporarily suspended during the pandemic. However, if you are interested in attending a workshop in the future, or an organization or community group interested in hosting one, please go to our Contact Us page and complete the form. We will respond quickly.